My head is pasta'd on, yay (la_fono) wrote in betababel,
My head is pasta'd on, yay

Sadie Hawkins

Okay. Question for Americans:

Who is/was Sadie Hawkins, and why are school discos named after her?

I've seen reference to this in many tv shows, fics, film etcetera, but for some reason only wondered why just now...

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Sadie Hawkins was a fictional character from Al Capp's "Lil' Abner" comic strip. Here is more information.

As the link shows, it's a dance (not a "disco", btw) where the girls ask the boys instead of the reverse.
Thanks, and as for dance over disco, I stand corrected (they were only ever called discos at my school).
I think that's an American vs. Britspeak thing. Unless usage has changed, a "disco" is a building where one goes to dance, as opposed to the dance itself.
Yeah, here "disco" refers specifically the 70s musical genre, though I know it's different pretty much everywhere else in the world.
Sadie Hawkins Day dances are dances where the girls/women must invite the boys/men to be their dates, or to dance -- basically, the traditional gender roles are reversed.

If I'm not mistaken, Sadie Hawkins Day was originally made up in the "Li'l Abner" comic strip (by Al Capp). The comedy stems from the hilarity of women running around trying to get men to be their partners and generally behaving in an "unladylike" fashion.
A bit like February 29th then. Cheers :)
I'm American and I never knew that. =)