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Linguistic poll - seeking participants


I'm new to this community, so I hope this post is appropriate. If it isn't, I apologise. I didn't see anything to prohibit it on the info page.

I'm a linguist researching the use of "-self" forms in English. As part of my study, I'm conducting a research poll, and I'm looking for participants. The questions are not limited to native speakers, although they do require good command of English. I hope you will click the links below and add your input. If it sparks interest and discussion, I'll be happy to respond.

Note: The poll is posted in four parts due to LJ's length limitations.
Feel free to reply in any sequence, and don't feel obliged to do all parts.

Replies, comments and further promotion are greatly appreciated.

Poll part 1a and b
Poll part 2
Poll part 3

Thanks :)


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ETA: The boxes given for specification may be small (and have been removed in Poll 3). This is due to technical difficulties with LJ, and LJ won't let us edit a poll after it's been posted.
If additional room is required, please use the regular LJ comments for the relevant posts.
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Lost a city.....

.....sort of.

In the USSR during the cold war a city was built that didn't have a name, was never shown on any map, and was referred to only by its postal-code number. I've seen a documentary on it, but now I can't remember enough to google on. ::sigh:: It has a name now, but I can't remember that either.


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Sadie Hawkins

Okay. Question for Americans:

Who is/was Sadie Hawkins, and why are school discos named after her?

I've seen reference to this in many tv shows, fics, film etcetera, but for some reason only wondered why just now...

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(no subject)

Oh, this is a lovely idea for a community! Thank you!

We had to deal with this at work. I work in a hospital and we recently had customer service training, or "BEHAVIOR" training as they call it - behavior is an acronym for something I've already forgotten. :) One of the letters stands for maintaining eye contact with patients when interacting with them. This is no doubt meant to alleviate complaints by patients that doctors just come in and start *doing* things to them, treating them like a big cluster of parts and not a human being. But a fellow employee from China pointed out that this would be an extremely rude thing to do to an Asian person. Maintaining eye contact in that manner is a sign of contempt, apparently. And our Somalian patients, of which we have quite a number, really wish we would ask them before touching them, as you don't just reach out and grab somebody's wrist to take a pulse in Somalia. That's unspeakably rude there.

This doesn't seem to have made much of an impression on management, because the same course is still being taught in the very same way, assuming that our Midwestern American cultural standards are the norm for everybody. I wish they were teaching true cultural sensitivity to the different groups you're likely to find here - or at the very least, would teach employees to ask how a patient would like to be treated if they seem uncomfortable with what's going on.
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This thing on?

Right. So.

Welcome to betababel. I hope this is as useful as hp_britglish has turned out to be; the number of I know this isn't HP related, but I need to know... questions on that group seems to indicate that it might be.

At any rate! Here we go!

Please do take a look at the community info, and feel free to offer interest suggestions or to say what areas of expertise you have that might be useful.

M'self, I've got:
a whole bunch of things that probably aren't applicable, but I can do you evolutionary bio if you're in a bind. :)