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betababel's Journal

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Beta Babel: For Linguistic and Cultural Questions
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This community is for language and cultural questions and beta requests for cultures and subcultures you are not familiar with. English-speakers who need details about Russian names, or Germans who are into yaoi, or sysadmins who need information about medical slang, or doulas who need information about offshore oil rigs...and so on and so forth.

This is a non-fandom-specific community for all those types of questions. If you are stumped on something, or need help in with your story, come on in.

Other communities you might find helpful:
little_details: for general detail questions, such as "is blood really black under moonlight?". This community has a lot of fannish and/or writing-related questions on it.
info_slut: good collection of miscellany, fannish information help, and so on. Lots of neat links.
hp_britglish: questions about British language and culture for Harry Potter fandom
linguaphiles: linguistics questions, not really fannish, but helpful

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